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Course through Suin Line

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  1. Visit and have a delicious lunch in Chinatown, Fairytale Village, and Open Port Area after getting off at Incheon Station. Take a bus departing at 13:00.

  2. Travel time50 min
  3. COURSE02. Songdo Techno Park

    Get off at Songdo Techno Park (Hyundai Outlet Store) Station at 13:50. Enjoy shopping and have tea.

  4. Travel time25 min
  5. Take a bus at 14:50 and get off at Central Park at 15:05. Take a water taxi and enjoy taking pictures with Songdo City as background, just like TV stars.

  6. Travel time45 min
  7. Take a bus at 16:05 and get off at Wolmi Cultural Street at 16:50. You will appreciate the deep blue sea aside from the delicacies and theme park.

  8. Travel time15 min
  9. COURSE05. Arrival at Incheon Station

    Take a bus at 17:50 at Wolmi Cultural Street Station and come back to Incheon Station at 18:05. This is the end of the exciting Incheon tour.

  • The above suggested course is a sample tour for those who travel to Incheon for the first time. Wherever you come from, you can have fun on the interesting circulator bus. The circulator bus of Incheon City Tour stops at many attractions in Incheon so it may take more time than you expected. Stay for the night and enjoy the great view and performance at Songdo. It will be a unique opportunity to enjoy another aspect of Incheon.