Ganghwa Healing Tour

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Ganghwa Healing Tour

Natural healing tour course of Ganghwa

Course Information

  • Depart from Geomam Station
  • Jeondeungsa Temple & Samnang Fortress Wall Trail
  • Manisan Mountain Healing Forest
  • Sochang Fabric Museum & Joyang Textiles
  • Return


  • Period and Time : 1 tour on Sundays

    Tour times are subject to traffic situations.

  • Reservation Information : Reserve a tour on or search for “Incheon City Tour“ online.

    Reservations close 3 days before the departure.

    Tours may be cancelled with less than 5 reservations per tour.

  • Bus Embarkation Location : Geomam Station Exit 1 (AREX)

    Please embark on the bus 10 minutes before the departure time.

    Departure time is different for various courses.

  • Special Features of Ganghwa Tour!
    • Fees include admission to tourist attractions!
    • Guided tour for all destinations!
    • Storytelling guide from cultural tourism expert in certain destinations!
  • Phone Inquiry : 1544-2347(Closed on Mondays, 09:00-16:00)

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Regular Discount Misc
15,000₩ 12,000₩ Not including lunch

Children : Free for children age 6 or younger (born on or after 2014)

Groups (10 people or more) : 20% discount

Discount : Seniors age 65 and up, children (6-10), disabled, National Honoree

Ganghwa Tour At A Glance

Ganghwa Tour At A Glance

  1. Jeongdeungsa Temple

    Established in 381, the temple was originally called Jinjongsa, but changed the name to Jeondeungsa, to commemorate the queen of King Chungnyeol, who donated a jade lamp to the temple. It was protected by the royal family during the Joseon Era, as it was an archive containing the Tripitaka Koreana wood print blocks, and annals of the royal court.

    • 37-41, Jeondeungsa-ro, Gilsang-myeon, Ganghwa-gun, Incheon
    • Ticket Booth 032)937-0125

    Samnang Fortress Wall Trail

    The trail is home to the legend that three sons of the first king of Korea built the walls in a month (wall length 2,300m). The rough talc stone blocks on the fortress wall indicate that it was build during the Three Kingdoms Era.

    • San41, Onsu-ri, Gilsang-myeon, Ganghwa-gun, Incheon
  2. Manisan Mountain Healing Forest

    Manisan Mountain is located at the southwestern corner of Ganghwa Island, in the middle of the Korean Peninsula. The mountain is equidistant to Hallasan Mountain and Baekdusan Mountain, respectively. Grade 1 pine tree forest trail is in the area.

    • 18, Manisan-ro 675beon-gil, Hwado-myeon, Ganghwa-gun, Incheon
    • 032)930-7068
  3. Sochang Textile Museum

    This lifestyle and cultural activities facility is in the old Pyeonghwa Textile building constructed in 1938, which has been renovated. In this traditional building with a dyeing factory, visitors can view the history of the textile industry in Ganghwa and enjoy various activities.

    • Sochang textile printing and handkerchief making activities
    • 8, Nammunan-gil 20beon-gil, Ganghwa-eup, Ganghwa-gun, Incheon
    • 032)934-2500

    Joyang Textile

    Joyang Textile is a textile factory that led the industry in Ganghwa. After closing in the 1990s, the building was renovated after a long abandonment to Sinmun-ri Art Museum Cafe.

    • 12, Hyangnamu-gil 5beon-gil, Ganghwa-eup, Ganghwa-gun, Incheon
    • 032)933-2192