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The happiest one-day Incheon City Tour Enjoy Incheon City Tour with our brand-new circulator bus!

Course Information(Songdo ~ Wolmi/Open Port Course)

A genuine course that conveniently connects the different attractions of Incheon

Stop worrying about “how to plan your tour” or getting tired driving all day and looking for parking when taking a trip. Take the Incheon City Tour.
The Incheon City Tour is a circulator course that allows seeing, feeling, and experiencing Incheon of the past, present, and future.
Each station is a sight to see, be entertained, and eat. Be connected through the Wolmi and Open Port Stations, where the history of the opening of Incheon Port may still be felt. Witness life in Songdo, the future of Incheon, as well as, other famous spots for dramas and shooting areas of broadcasting programs. For sure, the new Incheon City Tour provides an enjoyable and convenient city tour.

※ This circulator course is operated with 25-seater and 45-seater buses.

New Route Map of City Tour : Central Park (CompactㆍSmart City) - Memorial Hall of Incheon Landing Operation( Incheon Metropolitan City Museum) - Open Port Street (Art Platform) - Wolmi Traditional Park - Wolmi Culture Street - Incheon Station (China Town) - Harbor Park Hotel - G tower (Canal Walk) - Solchanpark - Songdo Techno Park (Hyundai Outlet Store) - Songdo Convensia (NEATT)