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Tourism Promotion and Marketing

Tourism Promotion and Marketing

Integrated Management of promotional activities for Incheon tourism

  • Development and reinforcement of the Incheon tourism brand
  • Construction of integrated online promotional system
  • Development of digital tour information system and online platform

Attraction of high-value foreign tourists

  • Development of Youke specialized products and reinforcement of tourism promotion
  • Attraction of more tourist groups through youth and silver exchanges
  • Implementation of joint marketing through utilization of Incheon’s tourism network and other related organizations
  • Fostering links/exchanges through sister city relations

Strategic attraction of special-purpose tourists

  • Development of tourism program for tourists in-transit and development of tourist attractions
  • Establishment of international cruise services at Incheon Port and marketing of specialized tourism products

Attraction of local tourists and improvement of tourist satisfaction

  • Marketing strategies targeting local residents to revitalize island and ocean tours
  • Expanded line of tourism products, including religious items and experiential tours
  • Verification of tourism quality, actual condition survey, and analysis of tourism statistics
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