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Greetings from the CEO

Welcome to Incheon.

The city of Incheon has been utilized as the main standard or benchmark for the national tourism policies, making the best use of its geopolitical strength that includes aviation and marine infrastructure such as the Modern Port and Ganghwa Island. It is a city of limitless possibilities owing to its local tourism industry that is at par with the growth of global tourism, characterized by an increasing number of foreign visitors to Korea.

Incheon Tourism Organization, which was newly revitalized, intends to solve the inherent problems of Incheon tourism through the following: expansion of its tourism resources; promotion of city marketing; provision of support for tourism businesses; improvement of tourism readiness; and strategic responses to the changes in tourism-related government policies and demands in the local and international tourism markets.

Aside from tourism marketing strategies that have been previously implemented, the Incheon Tourism Organization is expected to develop new marketing tools that include comprehensively integrating and implementing the overlapping functions on urban marketing of the Incheon Medical Tourism Foundation, Incheon International Relations Foundation, and Tourism Committee. Furthermore, through the discovery and commercialization of local tourism resources that could attract more local and foreign tourists, the Organization is expected to sustain the local economy and improve the residents’ welfare.

We sincerely ask for your support and encouragement for the newly-revitalized Incheon Tourism Organization. We promise to exert our utmost efforts to make Incheon the center of Korea’s tourism industry.
Thank you very much.

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