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SnC Chicago Dental Hospital

  • address : 7F, 81, Convensia-dearo Yeonsu-gu, Incheon, korea
  • Contact number : +82-1899-0022 / +82-32-777-1122
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Fields of medical practice Implant, Laminate, Scaling, Tooth whitening, Treatment of dental caries,
Endodontic Treatment, Facial Contour Surgery, Bimaxillary operation
Introduction of medical institute SnC Chicago dental hospital will provide reliable health care by your side.
SnC Chicago dental hospital opened in 2013 to establish medical landmark, which is going with the reputation
of Songdo International Business District, and we have the medical team that consists of Korean and foreigners.
We aim to adopt up-to-date medical devices, pleasant environment, and VIP health care to practice patients-oriented advanced medical culture.
Our dental hospital has the largest medical space in Songdo, the International Business District in Incheon, the cosmopolitan city, around 500 pyeong, which is the international scale, and we also prepared up-to-date medical devices, and our own dental laboratory.
We provide a differentiated health care and elegant interior to our clients.
701, 81, Convensia-daero, Yeonsu-gu, Incheon, KoreaTel. 1899-0022 / 032-777-1122
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