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JK WITHME NEAT Plastic Surgery & Dermatology Clinic

  • address : JK WITHME NEAT Clinic, 6 Floor, NEAT Tower, 165 Convensia Street, Yeonsugu, Incheon, South Korea.
  • Contact number : +82-32-715-7991
  • FAX : +82-32-715-6367
  • Email :
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Fields of medical practice Plastic Surgery, Dermatology
Introduction of medical institute JK WITHME Plastic Surgery & Dermatology Center is Asian game designation hospital, Ministry of Health
and Welfare Beauty Well-being tour official medical tour package be in activity and china, Thailand, Vietnam Etc.
other country’s broadcast introduced in the field. JK WITHME Plastic Surgery & Dermatology is expert of 6 surgeon
and 50 staff and our have One-day program to plastic Surgery tour, Anti-aging tour, Aesthetic-SPA Tour Etc.
Sales of many package program, 24 hour provide of safety care service, Special translator, Accommodation/Hotel/Shopping network service.
Special services for foreign patients - Doctor real-name system
- After surgery exhaustive following-up control system (Video consultation center)
- Hospitalization provide for customized menu
- Remote video consultation operate center
- Medical treatment mishap guarantee service (P. O. M. – Peace Of Mind)
- Indemnify responsibility Insurance for Medical treatment
- Affiliate to Global Tax Free
- Airport Pick-up Service
- 1 : 1 personalized guide and translator service.
- Accommodation / Tour / Shopping connection service. (management of travel operation division)
Information on specialized areas JK WITHME Plastic Surgery & Dermatology Center is One day HIFU lifting program : 2015 incheon tourism designation Beauty Well-being tour product, called name is 1 hour miracle about the one-day Petit plastic procedure. Total procedure time 40minutes / prepare 20minutes, after procedure expect of different face change (face elasticity, lifting) and after procedure tour, shopping etc. no reason to disturb daily lift, group tour fit sit all getting a great acceptance for tourists.
JK WITHME visit all foreign customers for 3D-CT examination equipment used to facial asymmetry for free.
JK WITHME Plastic Surgery & Dermatology Center available to real-time communication high-quality (for enterprise), operate of remote video consultation center. When you visit to South Korea before, provide to before consultation and after service.