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Naeun Hospital

  • address : 23, Wonjeok-ro, Seo-gu, Incheon, Korea Luga Medical Foundation of Naeun Hospital
  • Contact number : +82-32-585-7729
  • FAX : +82-32-571-9889
  • Email :
  • Homepage :
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Item Detail
Fields of medical practice Digestive System Disease Center, Spine Pain Center, Specialized Joint Center,
Cardiovascular Center, Cerebrovascular Center
Emergency Medical Center, Breast•Thyroid Center
Artificial Kidney Center, Burn Center, Beauty & Dental Center
Stem Cell Center, Health Promotion Center
Introduction of medical institute More than 10000 cases of surgery handled annually
First class rating in blood dialysis
First class rating for hip arthroplasty
First class rating for acute ear inflammation antibiotics
First class rating for acute stroke treatment
Appointed as the best emergency medical institution
Special services for foreign patients Service for international patients
Coordinators exclusively in charge of international patients including English, Chinese, Russian and Japanese speakers
Ties between Naeun Hospital and representative general hospital at Inchon
Inchon/Gimpo Airport Pick-up Service
Information on specialized areas 1.Department of Internal Medicine for the Heart
Hypertension, angina, cardiac infarction,
valvular disease, echocardiography, myocarditis,
Heart diagnosing image, arteriosclerosis,
arterial occlusive disease
Orthopedic Department
2.Knee joint/shoulder joint/hip joint diseases,
stem cell surgery, arthroscopic surgery,
artificial joint, hand/foot microsurgical treatment,
numb hands, osteoporosis, glycosuria foot,
hallus valgus, gout
3.Department of Urology
4.Department of Plastic Surgery
Cosmetic surgery (eyes, nose, ears, breast),
fat graft, reconstructive plastic surgery (ears),
facial bone fracture, decubitus
5.Dental Department
Implant, orthodontics, crown,
resin, nerve treatment, laminate,
prosthesis, tooth extraction, dentures for elderly patients