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HIMCHAN Hospital, Bupyeong Branch

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Fields of medical practice Orthopedics: Knee joint, upper limb joint, foot joint, hip joint, and special disease
Neurosurgery: Lumbar, cervical and spinal disease
Internal Medicine: Cardiovascular disease, endocrine disease, and digestive trouble
Introduction of medical institute Officially recognized by the Korean Ministry of Health and Welfare, Himchan Hospital is the country’s largest specialized hospital for joints. This comprehensive orthopedics hospital provides professional treatment, examination and surgery systems with an medical environment for caring for all joint diseases through specialized treatment systems for not only the knees and back, but also the feet, shoulders, hip joints and orthopraxy. As joint diseases are gradually diversifying, Himchan is also focusing on adapting high-tech surgeries and developing treatment methods to alleviate patients’ pain as soon as possible through a minimized treatment period.
The Joint Medicine Research Lab of Himcham Hospital has received global attention by conducting basic and clinical studies and has released 63 international theses (including 41 of SCI class). The lab also offers educational programs that support international fellowship for joint specialists in the Asia-Pacific region, and has also established a global network of sharing new technology and treatment results related to joints. Every year since 2008, doctors from many countries including the U.S., Japan and Malaysia have visited Himchan to observe surgeries and learn managerial know-how. In other words, the hospital is a joint specialist recognized by the global orthopedics field.
Special services for foreign patients 1. Airport pickup
2. One-on-one information and translation
3. Hotel reservations
4. Support for getting medical visa and extending stay
5. Special domestic foods for hospitalized patients
6. Foreign TV channels
7. Wi-Fi throughout hospital
Information on specialized areas ●Artificial Joint Center: As of September 2015, the Knee Artificial Joint Center of Himchan Hospital had completed Korea’s largest number of artificial joint surgery with 90,000. The center has introduced individual and customized artificial joints, minimal incision and navigation surgery techniques, and an asepsis system to customized treatment for patients.
●Joint Endoscopy Center: Joint endoscopy precisely diagnoses and treats all damaged joints in the knees, shoulders and ankles using an ultra-small camera. In 2013, the number of surgeries completed at the center reached 100,000.
●Cartilage Restoration Center: The center introduces the latest technologies to restore damaged cartilage including micro-fracture surgery, osteochondral autograft transplantation, autologous chondrocyte implantation and stem cell treatment.
●Spine Center: This place provides customized treatment (surgical or non-surgical) based on a patient’s disease and condition.
●Special clinics
Pediatric Orthopedic Clinic: The highly skilled medical staff of pediatric orthopedics accurately diagnose and treat congenital deformity of children such as wryneck and congenital dislocation of hip joints.
Sports Industry Clinic: Injuries to the shoulders, knees and ankles caused by sports are precisely diagnosed to provide surgical treatment as well as non-surgical rehabilitation.
●Latest medical equipment
Himchan Hospital has medical equipment optimal for treating and operating joint and spine diseases. These high-tech examination and physical therapy equipment include a navigation system, MRI, CT, ultrasonic wave equipment, digital x-ray filming device, bone density tester, arthroscope, knee and shoulder joint exercisers, disc decompression treatment device, non-surgical Huber therapy equipment, plasma, high-pressure steam sterilizer and EO gas sterilizers, monitoring device for patients, anesthesia and electric surgery equipment, and extracorporeal shockwave treatment device.