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Fields of medical practice Cardiology, Gastroenterology, Pulmonology, Endocrinology and Metabolism, Nephrology, Hematology &Oncology,
Allergy and Clinical Immunology, Infectious disease, Rheumatology, Clinical Pharmacology, Surgery, Thoracic & Cardiovascular surgery , Neurosurgery, Orthopedics surgery, Plastic & reconstructive surgery, Urology, Pediatrics,
Obstetrics & Gynecology, Dermatology, Ophthalmology, Otorhinolaryngology(ENT), Psychiatry, Neurology, Anesthesiology and pain medicine, Radiology, Radiation Oncolog
Introduction of medical institute Inha University Hospital was established in May 1996 as the first university hospital in Incheon. The hospital has 892 beds with 440 excellent physicians and 2,219medical staffs. The staffs have strived to provide patient - oriented service. Inha Hospital provides optimum medical services to patient with 13 specialized center and 33 clinical departments
ISO certification in the area of Health Checkup and JCI accreditation for all fields of the hospital have allowed Inha University Hospital to open new chapter in medical tourism, hosting the American tourists.
Since the Inha University Hospital is located only 25 minutes away from the Incheon Airport, opening of Inha International Medical Center will be a big boost for the hospital to achieve dream of global healthcare provider.
Especially, the medical center at the Incheon International Airport in Korea is the first one to be accredited by JCI in the world and was recognized throughout the world so that we can treat patients with best safety. Inha University Hospital continuously improves itself by equipping with most advanced medical equipment such as; RapidArc, Robotic Cyber Knife, SPEC-CT, Magnetic Resonance Imager, PET-CT, MD-CT, etc. Inha University Hospital is located in Incheon. As the nearest tertiary teaching hospital from Incheon International Airport, it is the most accessible hospital in Korea for international patients.
Special services for foreign patients 1. Medical coordinator (English, Chinese and Russian)
2.Pick-up Service ( The closest tertiary teaching hospital from Incheon Airport)
3.Call center: +82 32 890 2080 or +82 32 890 2090
4.One on One personalized service ( including translation, consultation, hotel and
flight booking)
5.Online consultation on the hospital website
( )
6.Setting up visiting Plan and Consulting . Assisting Korean Visa Issue
7.Estimate treatment cost before visit
8.Recommend entertainment options and serve as a concierge for family members
9. Provide Western meal
10. Free Wifi
Information on specialized areas International Healthcare Center
The International Healthcare Center opened its door in 2009, and has been providing medical services mainly for foreigners as the name implies. It is entirely patient-centered facility, which is staffed by doctors and nurses who are fluent in several languages including Chinese, English, Japanese, and Russian. The Center has been expanding its services ever since to meet increasing demands. INHA University Hospital is a tertiary referral hospital with highly qualified specialists in various fields. It is capable of providing a range of specialty medical services by referring to specialists. Providing you with quality care in a comfortable and convenient environment is our top priority.
Center Hours: 8:30am~5:00 pm
- Morning 8:30am~12:00 noon
- Afternoon 1:00pm~4:30 pm.
Emergency Service is available 24/7 for medical emergency or after hours.
Make an appointment by phone 032) 890-2090, 2080

Jay K. Park, M.D.
He has been the full-time Director of International Healthcare Center since 2010.
He is a U.S. trained Internist and Neurologist who is quite familiar with the health system in the U.S.A.
He has been practicing medicine in the U.S.A. for almost two decades before becoming the director. He has medical licenses to practice both in Korea and the U.S.A.

Inha University Hospital has updated its web site in five languages (Korean, English, Chinese, Japanese, and Russian) for foreign patients to have an easy access to the hospital information and to improve online marketing.
By providing information in various languages, information on Inha University Hospital is easy to access and readily available throughout the world for any foreign patients using this hospital and for those living abroad who are looking for information on world medical tourism.
Inha University Hospital is committed to provide all foreign patients the best service by continuously updating the most recent information using various marketing tools available to us.

Specialized Centers : Health Check-up
The Health Promotion Center is not only recognized as one of the best health screening centers by Korea Association of Health Promotion but also accredited by America ISO 9001.
As of today, 1.500 patients from abroad have used the center.
A separated section of the center with private room and personal staff is provided for international patients for their privacy, comfort and special needs.
The health screening program for international patients was introduced first by Inha University Hospital. The program has over 100 tests including PET-CT and comprehensive tests are offered based on individual needs. The screening takes approximately two and half an hour.
Specialized Centers : Cancer center
There are four specialized cancer center treatment centers at the Inha University Hospital, namely Cyberknife center, Woman’s cancer center, cancer&BMT, and Lung cancer center. The center has the most advanced medical equipments for cancer treatment, such as Cyberknife and RapidArc.
For patients’ convenience and comfort, each specialized cancer center provides aimplified one-stop service for comprehensive examination and treatment. The specialized centers have successfully treated over 2,500 cases of various cancers such as, just to name of few, lymphoma, leukemia, and breast cancer.
Specialized Centers : Cardiovascular Center
The center is for diagnosis and treatment for those who suffer from cardiovascular events. It problems both noninvasive and invasive procedures; electrocardiogram (EKG), 24-hour blood pressure monitor and EKG, echocardiogram, treadmill test, and head-up tilt test for noninvasive procedures, and coronary angiography for invasive procedure. The most advanced angiography technique allows us to provide more accurate and better outcome.
State-of-the-art Medical equipments
The hospital has RapidArc, Ro