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Guwol Oracle Dermatology & Cosmetic Surgery

  • address : South korea, Incheon, Namdong-gu, Yesul-ro 126, LINK126 6 Floor
  • Contact number : +82-32-434-5311
  • FAX : +82-32-434-5310
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Fields of medical practice Dermatology, Cosmetic Surgery
Introduction of medical institute Oracle Dermatologists Plastic Surgical Clinic - Focused on the Ministry of Health and Welfare attract foreign patient registered medical institution near Incheon International Airport in inchon international airport located on the streets.Plastic skin and obesity and body types offering one-stop services for to solve at a time.
The best skills and experience of female professionals with four others cooperative with filler obesity surgery, Botox and laser skin disease care can be possible.
1:1 Custom for your care and dozens of species of the newest medical equipment to provide the best medical service and specialized.
Relaxed and comfortable with chic interior are large department stores and duty free shops, and his office and waiting rooms and the best you can enjoy shopping.
Special services for foreign patients -1:1 guidance and translation services.
-Special coordinator, attended(English andChineseect.)
-Director international counseling available.
-Hotel and affiliates a special convention price shopping and tourist services.
-Free WiFi service delivery within the hospital.
-The real-name system and specialist attended.
-Airport pickup service.
-Incheon International Airport Building Health Care Program for transit passengers.
Information on specialized areas 1.Antiaging
Guwol-dong, lifting (Themage +Shrink+ Hydro lifting) Oracle's appeal without surgery, refill and put a three-stage Geuk Kang lifting as Anti aging program.Twice a year total treatment time of lifting around 60 minutes, effects are wrinkles and skin elasticity, nutrition and water supply, of course, at the same time to solve.

2.Personalized Nutrition: Allergy tests and vitamin shots.
According to various causes, such as lifestyle, genes, environment, personal difference is the lack of nutrient that appears every blood test, and terminal examinations, such as examinations, skin patch a professional skin.Find the exact cause of allergic reactions from allergy tests and help provide nutrients needed for the characteristics of identified individuals.
Vitamin C and vitamin B made up of formulation, magnesium, and properly regulates the nutritional content a specialist in accordance with the characteristics of individual prescription after the survey.