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Procedure for departure application

Boarding process - customs declaration - security screening - immigration evaluation - boarding

Boarding Process

Proceed to check-in counter operated by the corresponding airline before boarding. In case of large check-in luggage, report it at the customs declaration desk beside the large luggage exclusive counter.

Customs Declaration

For departure, if you have US $10,000 ~ $50,000 in your possession, tax declaration must be made. If you possess more than $50,000, you have to report it to the Korean Bank.

Security inspection

After check-in and customs declaration, move to the nearby departure lounge for security inspection. Carry-on baggage should not exceed length of 55cm and width of 40cm (less than 115cm total) and weight of 10kg. It is prohibited to carry any items that may threaten the lives and safety of passengers on the plane.

Immigration Evaluation

Wait in line in front of the Immigration Officer. When your turn comes, present your passport, boarding pass, and immigration form to the agent.


Board following the instructions given by flight attendants 40 minutes before departure

Tax Refund for Purchased Products

Korea has a refund policy for indirect tax for products purchased that are not used by foreign tourists but taken to their own country. Tax refund is not possible in all stores and for all products, but it is possible at the stores that agreed on tax refund for certain amounts of purchases made.

Step 1. Purchase of products made at the duty-free shops

  • After purchase is made at the duty-free shops, receive sales statement for tax refund.
  • There are approximately 4,000 domestic duty-free shops in department stores, like, Dongdaemun Fashion District and other large shopping malls.

Step 2. Confirm shipping at the customs area upon departure.

  • Confirm export at the customs area by presenting purchased products and passport.
  • Receive stamps on the tax refund as specified sales statement of its export.
  • Tax refund is possible within three months from the date of purchase on duty-free products.

Step 3. Refund cash at the airport refund counter

  • For specific tax refund sales statements with completed shipping confirmation, you may receive cash refund for tax liability.
  • Contents on the statement, with unconfirmed shipping are not acceptable for tax refund.

Origin of contents and reference site : HiKorea Portal