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Purpose of stay

Range of activities for stay of foreigners

  • Foreigners are allowed to enter based on their qualifications and approved duration of stay. Except for cases determined by legislation, one could not practice any political activities.
  • When a foreigner wishes to be employed during one’s stay, one should be in possession of qualifications for employment, and is allowed to work only at the approved work place.
  • If one wishes to change work place, one should report to and receive permission from the Immigration Office of jurisdiction within the specified period before changing.
  • Hiring foreigners who do not possess the appropriate qualifications, recommending or helping in their hiring is not allowed.
  • Illegally hiring foreigners, helping or recommending their hiring is subject to punishment under violation of Immigration Control Law.

Duration of Stay

Foreigner’s stay is classified into short-term stay, long-term stay or permanent residency based on duration of stay.

  • Short-term Stay: Less than 90 days
  • Long-term Stay: More than 91 days
  • Permanent Residency: no limit for duration of stay (※ In cases of long-term stay and permanent residency, one should submit a foreigner registration or report residency in the country within 90 days from the date of entry.)

Extension of Stay

Permission for extension of stay

Applicant → Registration for extension of stay → Approval – Inscribe date of grant for stay on the passport / Fill in the foreigner registration card → Disapproval – state the reason for disapproval / Application Period – Before the expiration date for stay / Supporting documents – application form for stay extension / passport / foreigner registration card (if applicable) / supporting documents for each stay qualification / Fees – 30,000 won; 20,000 won for F-2

What is the extension of stay?

  • Foreigners who wish to stay longer, exceeding the approved duration of stay in the Republic of Korea, should receive permission to extend their stay.
  • 체류기간연장허가 신청기간
    • 체류기간연장을 신청하려고 하는 외국인은 현재의 체류기간이 만료하기 전 2개월부터 만료 당일까지 신청하여야 한다.
    • If application to extend is made after the expiration date, one is subject to additional fees. (Article 25 of Immigration Control Act)

Application procedure for extended stay permission

  • Applicant or authorized personnel should submit required documents at the Immigration Office of jurisdiction.
  • However, application is possible only when the applicant is residing in the country (application when abroad or by proxy is not allowed)

Origin of contents and reference site : HiKorea Portal