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Five tourism contents

Incheon has stood at the center of global tourism in Korea based on its limitless potential and development possibility.
Through the Incheon Tourism Organization, Incheon emits the glow of its unique charm to the world. From the past to the present,
the five tourism spots in Incheon that are best appreciated through the five senses are as follows.

Open Port  i tour

Open Port

Beginning of Korean modern history

The Open Port is the place where the past is felt up to the present. Although, the buildings are old, these exude aunique sentiment. By considering the past as the steppingstone, it prepares us for ourfuture.

The Open Port was first opened to foreigners to conduct their trade. This port functioned as berthing, receiving, and trading places among foreigners. It is the place where foreign languages are spoken and also, triggered the expansion of Incheon into a modern city. As the spring board of modernization, custom changes and the different costumes of foreign countries were witnessed.

Aside from modern architecture, such as, the Jung-gu Office, which was the former Japanese Consulate, Art Platform, and Jemulpo Club, are many more cafés and attractions that create the ambiance of modernization. From 1883 up to the present, the Open Port has shown evidences of the accumulation of the history and culture typical of the period.

Islands of Incheon i tour

Islands of Incheon

Untainted mystery

There are about 168 mysterious islands in Incheon. When the unique value of each untainted island is revealed, the exotic nature of the islands can be experienced.
The islands are about an hour away from the metropolitan area. The natural setting of the islands provides revitalization to those who are exhausted in their treadmill-like ordinary lives. The islands of Incheon make it possible for one to experience the beauty of the sea and the natural greenery of the vegetation.

The enchanted islands of Incheon are as follows: Baengnyeongdo Island is considered as the last masterpiece of god; Daecheongdo Island is pollution-free or has very clean sea; Ganghwado Island gives out pleasure from more than five senses; Seongmodo Island is the setting for the film, ‘A Love Story (2000)’ and ‘Chihwaseon (2002),’ Ijakdo Island is the mirage on the sea; Seungbongdo Island gets its beauty from its jade color; Deokjeokdo Island represents the recreation spot of the West Sea; , Seonjaedo Island was the most beautiful island in Korea according to CNN; Palmido Island has the first lighthouse built in Korea; and Muuido Island is best known for its dancing landscape.

Ganghwado Island Ganghwa Culture Tour

Ganghwado Island

Roofless museum

Ganghwado Island is often called as the miniature of the modern and contemporary history of Korea. It even has relics dating back from the prehistoric period. It is also called the ‘the roofless museum’. While walking around Ganghwado Island, visitors has the feeling of walking during the thousands of years of history.

Since there is a concentration of cultural relics, coupled with a magnificent natural landscape, it has become a popular recreation spot. It has a bicycle road following the contour of the coasts of Ganghwado Island that has been kept intact. This makes it possible to tour the island and the old fortress site.

Ganghwado Island is an island that preserves the treasures of the Goryeo and Joseon periods. The cultural remains and historical relics include dolmens, Samnangseong Fortress, Jeondeungsa Temple, and Bomunsa Temple that are found scattered in every corner on the island.

Gyeongin Waterway Gyeongin Waterway Homepage

Gyeongin Waterway

Connects the sea by splitting the land

Gyeongin Ara Waterway connects the West Sea and Han River. As the first inland watercourse in Korea, it has reflected the aspiration of the Koreans for a thousand years. The colorful artificial lights and clear natural landscape present priceless values.

The Gyeongin Ara Waterway opened on May 25, 2012; its length is 18k, width is 80m, and water depth is 6.3m. It is connected by the Haengjudaegyo Bridge from the downstream of Hand River to the West Sea. Various attractions from the Incheon Terminal, the Gyeongin Port to Gimpo Terminal, may be enjoyed, such as the beautiful sunset of Jeongseojin, Duri Ecological Park, and the Ara Waterfall. Also, the 41.3km-long bicycle track is well preserved along the Ara Waterway. The cool ride on the open bicycle track and a cup of coffee enjoyed at the Ara Waterfall represent the quality time that visitors may engage in. The ferry tour on the Ara Waterway provides, not only a great view of the night, but also a romantic time for couples.

Songdo International City ifez

Songdo International City

Leading Global City

The Songdo International City is a high technology city. It is abundant with romance. Life and industries co-mingle with culture and arts, as if the world’s cities are gathered together in one city. The cultures of the east and the west are experienced in the Songdo International City. It is the future of Korea.

The Songdo International City is a Free Economic Zone built in the vicinity of Incheon International Airport. It is No. 1 in terms of foreign investment among eight major free economic zones in Korea. There is no alley in the city due to the superblock-oriented development, thus, the most pleasant and broad roads are formed.

The Songdo International City is rising as one of the hottest places in Incheon in terms of tourism, culture, leisure, MICE (Meeting, Incentive trip, Convention, Exhibition & Event), and shopping. This complex cultural space provides sharing of happiness to all visitors.

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