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Time-slip tour with Suin Line I

Time-slip tour with Suin Line

  • -	Time-slip tour 1. Day trip-	Time-slip tour 1. Day trip
  • -	Time-slip tour 2. Exploration of history and culture-	Time-slip tour 2. Exploration of history and culture

Time-slip tour with Suin Line 1. Day trip

  1. 01.Incheon Station
  2. 02.Sinpo-dong Station
  3. 03.Sungui Station
  4. 04.Inha University Station

Couse01.Incheon Station 1.Chinatown / 2.Jayu Park / 3.Open Port Street

Walking tour from Incheon Station to Sinpo Station

In 1899, the Gyeongin Railroad was used for the first time in Korea. Incheon Station was the last station of the Gyeongin Line;the Suin Line was also connected. When getting off Incheon Station, visitors will see Chinatown; this symbolizes the more than 120 years of the multicultural society of Incheon.Walking along, one will see▲Gonghwachun, the origin of everyone’s favorite food, Jjajangmyeon (stir-fried noodles with black soybean sauce),▲Qing and Japan Boundary Stairs, ▲Three Kingdoms Mural Street, and ▲Uiseondang (Chinese shrine).This tour makes it possible to vicariously experience the history and culture of Incheon, the center of cultural exchange with China.

  • View of Chinatown
  • View of Jayu Park
    2.Jayu Park
  • View of Open Port Street
    3.Open Port Street
  • View of Sinpo Culture Street
    4.Sinpo Culture Street
  • View of Sinpo Market
    5.Sinpo Market

Couse02.Sinpo Station 4.Sinpo Culture Street / 5.Sinpo Market

Tour from Sinpo Station to Sungui Station of Suin Line

▲ Sungui Market was first opened in 1971.Recently, it attempted to form a cultural creative area for the re-vitalization of the old downtown area. Through its transformation into a cultural spot from a traditional market, it provides entertainment to every visitor. ▲Suin Grain Market’s popularity has been decreasing compared to 40 years ago. However, there still exits sentimentality over the mills and grain shops.

  • View of Sungui Market
    6.Sungui Market
  • View of Suin Grain Market
    7.Suin Grain Market
  • Craftworks
    8.Sungui Woodcraft Village
  • View of Ugangno Cultural Village
    9.Ugangno Cultural Village

Couse03.Sungui Station 6.Sungui Market / 7.Suin Grain Market/ 8.Sungui Woodcraft Village / 9.Ugangno Cultural Village

Tour from Sungui Station to Inha University Station of Suin Line

▲ The name of Inha University was coined after Incheon and Hawaii. The Memorial Hall of Overseas Koreans in Hawaii in Inha University is witness to the first wave of emigration in the history of Korea.

  • View of Inha University
    10.Inha University
  • Cubed SnailfishStreet in Yonghyeon-dong
    11.Cubed SnailfishStreet in Yonghyeon-dong

Couse04.Inha University Station 10.The Memorial Hall of Overseas Koreans in Hawaii of Inha University / 11.Cubed Snailfish Street in Yonghyeon-dong

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