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Romantic Road 1: Songdo International City

Romantic road

  • Romantic Road 1: Songdo International CityRomantic Road 1: Songdo International City
  • Romantic Road 2: Wolmido Island and Sinpo-roRomantic Road 2: Wolmido Island and Sinpo-ro
Romantic Road 1:  Songdo International City

Songdo International City has attracted attention as a complex cultural area by using its image as a high-tech city. It is one of the most sought-after venues for shooting dramas and movies.
The Korean drama, ‘Descendants of the Sun (2016)’, was shot in four places like D Café near Songdo Central Park Hotel, Oakwood Premier Hotel in North East Asia Trade Tower, G Tower in Songdo Central Park Hotel, and Convensia-daero which is connected to Songdo 2 Gyo (bridge).

Songdo Central Park Hotel, Songdo Hanok Village (marine leisure, walking, photo shooting) → Brunch → Incheon National University, coast deck (walking) → Dessert and café streets → NC Cube Canal Walk, Songdo Hyundai Premium Outlets (shopping) → Observatory of G Tower, Incheon Bridge (view of sunset and Songdo) → Tribowl (BIBAP performance) → Sunset Café at Songdo Central Park, hotel in North East Asia Trade Tower (night view of Songdo, proposal, accommodation, restaurants)
View of Central Park
01.Songdo Central Park Hotel, Songdo Hanok Village(marine leisure, walking, photo shooting)
Songdo Central Park Hotel is the first seawater park in Korea. It is a rare park even in other countries. △ The marine leisure facilities, which are the pride of this place, include the use of a canoe, kayak, boat, and water taxi service. When riding a boat, you may pass by △ Tokkiseom Island, a perfect place for romantic dates as there is a △ place where a couple can make love promises and seal them with a lock. Also, the park is composed of a glass park, trail garden, and terrace garden appropriate for serene walks and △ Ten pieces of artwork from ‘Art & Act Songdo,’ an international public art project, are installed making it look like an outdoor exhibition. In the △ Songdo Hanok Village of the park, free performances are provided every other month. The beautiful lighting provides for a romantic atmosphere in Songdo.
View of Restuant
Near Songdo Central Park are various shops and cafes specializing in organic and fusion food. The exotic landscape of Songdo is a good backdrop for an enjoyable outdoor brunch in these cafés for quality time and a perfect date for lovers.
View of coast deck
03.Incheon National University, coast deck(walking)
After having a light lunch, it is advisable to visit △ Incheon National University that is very popular among Chinese tourists due to the international showing of the Korean drama, ‘My Love From the Star (2013)’ and the △ coast deck located at the back of the university campus. The romantic setting of the campus and the seascape amidst the city make the views more magnificent.
View of Canal Walk
04-05.Dessert and café streets, NC Cube Canal Walk, Songdo Hyundai Premium Outlets(shopping)
If you want to have some dessert before dinner, you can go to the cafés available in many places. Various desserts include shaved ice, bagel, hand-brewed tea, ice-cream, hand-made cake. From here enjoy walking from △ Hyundai Hillstate to Worldmark Complex, △ from Songdo Posco - Central Park 1 to Songdo Central Park Prugio 3, △ and from Spring unit to Winter unit of NC Cube Canal Walk.
There are perfect shopping spots in Songdo, as well. △ From the NC Cube Canal Walk, there are shopping stores available in European-style buildings on both sides, and △ the Songdo Hyundai Premium Outlets connected to the Techno Park Station have many luxury brands, like clothing, sports, and accessory brands to suit the varied tastes of customers.
View of G Tower
06.Observatory of G Tower, Incheon Bridge(view of sunset and Songdo)
If you want to promise eternal love to your partner while viewing the sunset at the West Sea, you may go to the observatory of G Tower and Incheon Bridge. The △ IFEZ PR Center at the 33rd floor of G Tower allows for a 360-degree view of Songdo and experience a unique media exhibition. Admission is from 10am to 8pm on weekdays and 10am to 6pm on weekends. The Sky Garden on the 29th floor of G Tower is an outdoor facility and it opens from 10am to 7pm on weekdays. From the garden, it is possible to view Songdo from three sides. The △ Ocean Scope at the observatory of Incheon Bridge was built on containers and with this unique design, it was bestowed the 2010 Red Dot Design Award. With the sun setting in front of Incheon Bridge, the atmosphere will be more heart-warming
View of Tribowl
07.Tribowl(BIBAP performance)
The hotel-restaurants in △ Orakai Songdo Park Hotel, Holiday Inn Incheon Songdo, Oakwood Premier Hotel, and Songdo Central Park Hotel and other restaurants in △ Get-Pearl Tower, Songdo Michuhol Tower, and G Tower provide good views of Songdo and the West Sea. The views make these restaurants perfect for romantic dinners.
If you want to enjoy a cultural performance after dinner, watching ‘BIBAP’, a non-verbal performance in Tribowl, is recommended. Incheon is the origin of the black-bean noodle (Jjajangmyeon). Its entertainment value is enhanced with the exciting beat box in the background.
View of Sunset Café
08.Sunset Café at Songdo Central Park, hotel in North East Asia Trade Tower (night view of Songdo, proposal, accommodation, restaurants)
After dinner, you can have a romantic moment with your loved one while looking at the exotic view of Songdo. In front of the △ Sunset Café, located at the East Boathouse of Songdo Central Park, the ‘bench of love’ is provided. You can take a commemorative photo at the bench. Also, a magnificent night view of Songdo is amazing from the △ 3rd floor of the observatory. In the middle of Central Park, there is a beautifully lighted park, bridge, and attractive buildings. The △ observatory on the 65th floor will open around the end of June. Also opening is a bar at the Oakwood Premier Hotel located in the North East Asia Trade Tower. This is the second highest building in Korea, thus, Songdo can be viewed from here. Also, it is a perfect place for proposals and anniversaries of lovers.

Website information


  • Songdo Tourist Information Center 82-(0)32-832-3031
  • BIBAP performance 1644-1248


  • Get off at University of Incheon Station or Central Park Station of Incheon Subway Line No. 1


  • NC Cube Canal Walk
  • Hyundai Premium Outlets


  • Café Leeman’s (brunch) 82-(0)32-831-8805
  • Manhattan Café (sandwich) 82-(0)32-858-9788
  • Fiesta (Korea, Japanese, Chinese buffet) 82-(0)32-260-0088
  • Oak Restaurant in Oakwood Premier Hotel (western food) 82-(0)32-726-2301
  • Sokcho Kkodari (cold buckwheat noodle) 82-(0)32-851-4567
  • Tongkkojib (pork belly barbecue) 82-(0)32-831-9282

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