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Muuido Island

Dancing Landscape Muuido Island - Somuuid Island

Muuido Island was named after a dancer or an armored general riding a horse because of its shape. It is an island where visitors can enjoy coastal tracking, sunbathing, and camping. The island is so beautiful that it is often chosen as location for shooting drama series and other entertainment programs.

It is easy to go to the island through the Incheon International Airport Railroad. Get off at Yongyu Station. Walk to the ferry dock of Jamjindo Island and from there, ride a ferry. It takes about five minutes to reach Muuido Island. The ferry leaves at 15 and 45 minutes of every hour. A shuttle bus is available to take the visitors of a tour of the island for their full enjoyment. The bus leaves every 30 minutes.

Muuido Island

  • Ferry to Muuido Island
    Ferry to Muuido Island
  • Dock at Muuido Island
    Dock at Muuido Island

Island famous for family trips and tracking - Somuuid Island

There are many leisure activities available in the island including a visit to the Sea Sky World for leisure sports, four-wheel bike experience and camping. Also, Hanagae Beach is good for sunbathing and swimming during summer; Mt. Horyonggoksan is appropriate as hiking trail for beginners; and Guksabong Peak is perfect for tracking. Aside from mountain tracking, coast tracking may also be enjoyed along the beach. Each tracking course is provided with signs so, there is no problem for visitors to worry about getting lost.

  • Hanagae Beach
    Hanagae Beach
  • Guksabong Peak of Mt. Horyonggoksan
    Guksabong Peak of Mt. Horyonggoksan

The 414m-long bridge that connects Muuido Island and Somuuid Island was constructed in 2011. It is often referred to as Muuido footbridge and one of the eight Muui Badanurigil. Muui Badanurigil is a 2.48km-long trail composed of eight sections. Each section has its own unique characteristics and customized for the perfect tracking course.
Upon crossing the bridge, you will reach the pine-lined road. Further along is the set of stairs fronting the Hadojeong pavilion. This pavilion is 74 m above ground. You can appreciate the open sea from the highest spot of Muuido Island. One hour is enough to tour the entire island.

Muuido Bridge
Muuido Bridge

  • Badanurigil of Muuido Island
    Badanurigil of Muuido Island
  • Observatory of Muuido Island
    Observatory of Muuido Island

Decks are built along the Nurigil trail where two photo zones are available. While walking along the Muui Badanurigil, visitors can take a picture and appreciate the eight great sceneries of Muuido Island including the Bucheokkaemi, Mongyeo Beach, and Myeongsaui Beach.

View of Muuido Island



  • Muuido Marine Transportation: (032) 751-3354~6
  • Jamjindo Island Dock: (032) 746-0077
  • Silmi Beach: (032) 752-4466
  • Hanagae Beach: (032) 751-8833


  • Get off at Yongyu Station using the magnetic levitation railway on the 2nd floor of Incheon Intl. Airport Station
  • Take Bus No. 222 or 2-1 at bus station no. 7 located on the 3rd floor of Incheon Intl. Airport Station


  • Silmi Hoe Restaurant (raw fish) 032)751-7778
  • Gwangmyeong Hoe Restaurant (grilled shellfish, noodle soup): 032) 752-9203

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