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Tourism Promotion and Marketing

Development of strategic bases to enhance tourism competitiveness

Vitalize island and marine tourism

  • Vitalize island tourism in Soijakdo Island, including creation of island-specific core facilities and trails
  • Vitalize island tourism in Seeodo Island by providing education and support to increase the income and business competence of the island residents
  • Hold a concert (live musical performance) through community participation

Vitalize tourism of the former downtown area

  • Hold festivals with civic participation (night tour of the open port, special festival at the former downtown areas, romantic markets, etc.)
  • Discover and select the oldest but best stores about Incheon

Vitalize the history and culture tourism of Ganghwa

  • Develop and vitalize the operations of the Ganghwa tourism platform and the Sochang Experience Center
  • Strengthen festival events linked to local residents, including night tour of Ganghwa cultural assets

Vitalize the operation of Songdo Convensia

  • Support the hosting of MICE events at Songdo Convensia upon its Stage 2 expansion
  • Create the MICE industrial ecosystem through smart MICE industry promotion
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