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MICE Industry Stimulus

Implementation of urban tourism marketing for Incheon as a tourist destination

Strengthen marketing campaign to attract foreign tourists

  • Strengthen marketing activities to enhance overseas awareness of Incheon tourism
  • Attract large-scale, special purpose foreign tourists through private exchange and planning
  • Hold business fairs and promote practical training to harness the capability of Incheon tourism

Strengthen marketing campaign to attract local tourists

  • Launch promotional campaigns to enhance awareness on Incheon tourism
  • Promote Incheon peace tourism by holding a proclamation ceremony for the Island of Peace, Incheon and support product development
  • Operate the Incheon Tourism Promotion Center and produce promotional materials

Explore new medical tourism markets and vitalize its industry

  • Build an overseas medical tourism network and strengthen marketing activities
  • Actively attract foreign patients through converged and complex medical tourism
  • Raise the status of Incheon medical brands and strengthen global competence

Vitalize MICE marketing campaign and its industry

  • Make Incheon one of the world’s Top 10 ‘international conference venues’
  • Construct a local MICE industry ecosystem

Vitalize tourism through festivals

  • Discover and promote hidden charms and tourist contents of former downtown areas (former downtown special festivals, night tour of the open port, etc.)
  • Contribute to the increase in the number of local and foreign visitors by holding Incheon representative festivals (Pentaport Rock Festival, Incheon K-POP Concert, etc.)
  • Broaden new cultural contents by holding well-known performances and festivals (popular music, world music, etc.)
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