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Medical Tourism Stimulus

Improvement of readiness for qualitative growth of Incheon tourism

Operate and manage the Incheon City Tour to provide convenience among tourists

  • Improve operational efficiency by developing new routes and reforming existing routes
  • Strengthen the role of strategic marketing and promotional means
  • Reduce customer inconvenience and improve satisfaction through customer monitoring

Vitalize the operation of Harbor Park Hotel

  • Strengthen activities with social value, such as programs linked with local communities
  • Strengthen customer satisfaction through service training and satisfaction surveys

Vitalize the cruise business of Incheon Port

  • Support development of tourism activities for Incheon Port, produce promotional materials, etc. to secure the foundation of cruise tourism
  • Improve awareness on Incheon cruise tourism and promote world cruises for marketing campaign
  • Establish information system and provide shuttle buses for improvement of tourism readiness

Vitalize the operation of tourist information centers

  • Provide customized services and increase citizen participation
  • Strengthen ‘Mobile Tourist Information Center’

Conduct a survey on Incheon tourism for data-driven business promotion

  • Conduct a survey on tourism status including travel behavior, costs, satisfaction, etc. among domestic and foreign tourists
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