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All About Incheon
You can find Ganghwa-do in Incheon. It is known as the ‘Island of 5000-year history and culture and the unroofed museum’. Moreover, it is the city with a harmonized past, present and future. Here, well-preserved historical relics containing Korean history, tradition, and the culture of Gaehangjang coexist with three Free Economic Zones (Songdo, Cheongna, and Yeongjong). This is the place where the ubiquitous computer and cutting edge technologies, based on advanced IT are developed.
Incheon shopping haven Link
Incheon has the Entas duty free, Shinsegae Department Store, and Lotte Department Store, known as the haven for shopping. Its large shopping malls include Square 1, NC Cube Canal Walk, and Songdo Hyundai Premium Outlets. Here, everything could be purchased at low prices. In conventional markets, such as Sinpo Market and Sinji Market, one may feel the lives of ordinary Korean citizens.
Wide variety of foods Link
At Songo, Incheon’s various eatery spots are restaurants where one could sample food from all around the globe, aside from the traditional Korean restaurants.
Near China Town, one can find Gaehangjang, where one could find traditional Chinese food. Moreover, your can have “Jajangmyeon’, an adapted Chinese-style noodle that exists only in Korea. Further on, at the old Japan-leased territory in Gaehangjang, there are Japanese Tatami buildings still remaining and Japanese cafes offering Japanese tea ceremonies. They are also selling sweet red-bean porridge and sponge cakes that makes one feel the ambiance of Japan in Korea.
Accommodation infrastructure of Incheon Link
There are 2,018 hotels in Incheon; some are equipped with the best accommodation infrastructure and some are moderately priced. Once can choose from a wide range of selection: from spending unforgettable nights staying at deluxe hotels enjoying their various facilities or stay at moderately priced accommodations enjoying economical tours and shopping.
Incheon City Tour, the essence of Incheon tour Link
Incheon City Tour buses will take you around must-visit sites. You will see exotic and interesting sites from Songdo to Gaehangjang. City buses operate in one-hour intervals between Songdo and Gaehangjang. You may take a ride on the city bus and get off at interesting places and enjoy the view. You may, then, return to the bus station where you got off and move on to the next site using the city bus.
Other entertainment available in Incheon
Anotherr enjoyable attraction in Incheon’s Songo street is the symbol of MICE business in Incheon called Songdo Convensia. This is Incheon’s only exhibition and conference hall where different international events and exhibitions are held all-year-round. The Tribowl Theater attracts many visitors with its distinctive appearance, and where Incheon’s typical nonverbal performance called ‘Bibap’ is currently performing.
The sunrise park and the Incheon Grand Park are located at the regional center or the Central Park. You can enjoy traditional compositions while enjoying nature. At the Songo Central Park, there are many streets where you can ride water taxis and canoes. At the Incheon Grand Park, cherry blossom festivals and sledding slopes are operated every season. At the Wolmi Traditional Park, you can personally cook Korean traditional food, and experience traditional activities at traditional Korean houses.