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Incheon Medical Tour features proximity, professionalism, and reasonable cost.

One of the outstanding features of the Incheon Medical Tour is its proximity. This is because the International Airport and Sea Port are located in Incheon. Medical tourists may come to the Republic of Korea without the need to go to other regions of the country, instead, receive medical treatments right here in Incheon.
When driving or using public transportation, one can reach any medical institution within an hour from the Incheon International Airport.
On the other hand traffic moves from all directions, such as Busan, Jeju Island, Gangwon-do, or Gyeonju via airplanes or KTX. Specifically, intercity buses are available in any city in the country going to Incheon. For example, one can travel from Seoul or Gyeonggi-do to Incheon via bus or subway within an hour.
From about 2,800 medical institutions located in Incheon, about 26 medical institutions specialize in treating foreign patients. Among these medical institutions are JCI-certified general hospitals and other hospitals specializing in cardiovascular and cerebropathic fields. Some medical institutions specialize in chronic diseases like cancer, sterility and arthritis. Other medical institutions offer regular check-ups, cosmetic surgery, dermatology, dentistry, ophthalmology, oriental medicine, etc.
Reasonable Cost
The cost of Incheon’s medical tour is less compared to that of Seoul and Gyeonggi-do. Aside from the reasonable cost, foreigners will appreciate the convenience of staying for a long time as it provides hotels, studio flats, and other accommodation-related services at a reasonable cost.
On top of that, Incheon is operating a medical tour service different from other cities in the Republic of Korea. As a first in the country, the Incheon Tourism Organization is offering a holding area for transfer services for its medical tourists within the Incheon International Airport. Foreign travellers transferring to the Incheon International Airport could avail of simple medical treatments at the holding area during their short stay. They may also avail of various medical products by visiting the Incheon medical institution.
In addition, coordinators working at the Incheon medical institutions, who fluently speak foreign languages, look after patients’ convenience as they enter the Republic of Korea from the airport pick-up service until their departure after receiving treatment. They may recommend accommodations that are near the hospital, and advise them of tours and shopping locations for their comfortable stay in Incheon while receiving treatment.